Melissa Knight says

Working with Justine has been a life changing experience for me, she inspired me to set goals and develop skills to achieve them, all the while challenging me to succeed and live up to my potential through building confidence and belief in myself.

Through working with Justine I have extensively changed my leadership approach and have the confidence in myself that I can achieve great things. I now see my self more objectively and have clarity in understanding my strengths and skills but also knowing where I can continue to develop in order to be the Leader that I want to be.

Justine once told me that I could 'have it all' a great career, family life, everything that I wanted, it is only through working with her that I now believe this to be true, Justine has given me the ability to remove any 'ceilings' or restrictions that I may have previously placed on myself.

Thank you Justine, whilst we may have only worked together a short while, you have had an unbelievable impact and changed my life!