Katrina Solvieres says

My coaching with Justine came at a perfect time in my career where she helped me to tap into skills to allow for my development in to the next step of progression. My major challenges were hugely around my confidence in communicating to an executive leadership audience, fear of taking on new and unknown areas of responsibilities, understanding what I needed to do internally to help me elevate and overcoming objections I had created. Justine really helped to break down these barriers and allowed me to feel safe while on this journey. What I can truly say after this transformational voyage is that with Justine’s coaching, she not only helped me lift my profile in my working environment, it has taught me to find self-pride and satisfaction rather than only seeking this from an external group. What Justine does so well and what everyone can benefit from working with her, is that she is able to dig deep to find what may be causing barriers in an individual that is stopping them in elevating to their next career step. She takes you on a journey to seek your challenges, and while this can potentially be uncomfortable, Justine does an amazing job at making you feel safe through this process, which is quite rare.
If you are ready for that next level of your career, Justine will help you evolve with the tools you need to take you there.