Gen Ford says

I had 6 sessions with Justine in early 2016 and I got so much value from those conversations. We were able to uncover unresourceful beliefs I had been hanging on to and reframe them, shed light on patterns of behaviour that just weren't working for me, and come up with new strategies to help me move forward. I felt completely safe in those conversations. Justine knew when to push me, and her insights - the way she reflected my thoughts back to me - were bang on. I was particularly impressed with the range of techniques and skills she was able to draw on. Overall though I'm just grateful for the non-judgement and the awesome questions that helped me move forward where I wanted to go.

Katrina Solvieres says

My coaching with Justine came at a perfect time in my career where she helped me to tap into skills to allow for my development in to the next step of progression. My major challenges were hugely around my confidence in communicating to an executive leadership audience, fear of taking on new and unknown areas of responsibilities, understanding what I needed to do internally to help me elevate and overcoming objections I had created. Justine really helped to break down these barriers and allowed me to feel safe while on this journey. What I can truly say after this transformational voyage is that with Justine’s coaching, she not only helped me lift my profile in my working environment, it has taught me to find self-pride and satisfaction rather than only seeking this from an external group. What Justine does so well and what everyone can benefit from working with her, is that she is able to dig deep to find what may be causing barriers in an individual that is stopping them in elevating to their next career step. She takes you on a journey to seek your challenges, and while this can potentially be uncomfortable, Justine does an amazing job at making you feel safe through this process, which is quite rare.
If you are ready for that next level of your career, Justine will help you evolve with the tools you need to take you there.


Melissa Knight says

Working with Justine has been a life changing experience for me, she inspired me to set goals and develop skills to achieve them, all the while challenging me to succeed and live up to my potential through building confidence and belief in myself.

Through working with Justine I have extensively changed my leadership approach and have the confidence in myself that I can achieve great things. I now see my self more objectively and have clarity in understanding my strengths and skills but also knowing where I can continue to develop in order to be the Leader that I want to be.

Justine once told me that I could 'have it all' a great career, family life, everything that I wanted, it is only through working with her that I now believe this to be true, Justine has given me the ability to remove any 'ceilings' or restrictions that I may have previously placed on myself.

Thank you Justine, whilst we may have only worked together a short while, you have had an unbelievable impact and changed my life!

Simone Quinn says

I have had the pleasure of working with Justine for the last six months and as a result I have experienced great transformational change.

Justine is an engaging, encouraging and inspiring coach where she gets to the heart of the issue with compassion and clarity.

I have walked away empowered with resourceful tools and strategies within to assist me moving forward both personally and professionally.

I highly recommend working with Justine as she will strongly champion you and your business as you work together aligning your vision and values creating the change you desire.

Jeanan Yassean says

'I was lucky enough to work alongside Justine in my first corporate Leadership role. She quickly became my first touch point when I had a problem to solve. No matter if that meant helping find the marketing solution to a major business issue, or providing advice on how to restructure my department.

Why? Well I think Justine has a rare combination of skills guided by an intuitive sense of what's right. She listens, asks the searching questions and helps you find clarity out of confusion. But along with that ability to understand what the business needs to succeeds, she never loses sight of the people that make up that business.

That makes for a powerful combination in providing support and direction for any leader.'