A high performance athlete prepares both body and mind to succeed.

Physical endurance and capability is 90% mind over matter. 

An athlete knows exactly what encourages them and what detracts from their performance.

  • They will deliberately foster positive relationships and avoid negative thinkers. 
  • They will deconstruct their thinking - their natural state of being, the values they've learnt and the beliefs that they hold. 

Then they will put it back together again - removing the negative and putting in place the beliefs and values that will help them bring on success. 

We can deconstruct your way of thinking and put together a better, higher functioning version of  you together. 

The first step is establishing the DNA on how you think and your natural state of being which are all driven by values, beliefs and the mindset that comes from this. 

Behaviorial profiling

eDisc is a behavioral profiling tool that provides insights into your natural way of being. 

  • It give you the reasons for your reactions, beliefs and challenges in your life.
  • It articulates why you work well with some and not with others. 
  • It uncovers the best and new approaches to be a more effective and fulfilled person.


  • 29 page report on your behavior and interaction style and preferences  
  • Identifies your natural and most comfortable characteristics 
  • Breaks down how you communicate and engage with others 
  • Can be provided for both individuals or part of a team profiling exercise.


  • Improved communications 
  • Ability to create diverse high functioning teams 
  • Identifies your strengths 
  • Gives you strategies and techniques to improve your weaknesses 
  • Give you tools to effectively understand those you deal with and what they need from you to work well
  • It can improve your relationships at both work and in your personal life
  • Gives you a framework to understand others far better and improve your relationships in general with the world at large. 

It requires a 1/2 hour survey to be completed and then a one-on-one debrief. 

There are also options to incorporate the findings into a bigger team discovery and strategy session. 

An individual profiling and 90 minute session is $750. 

Call 0409 363 152 to get a quote for a team profiling package. 

Thinking strategy & methodology 

This is a scientifically proven thinking methodology and profile to tackle problems effectively in a proactive way.  

It provides you with a way to consider well rounded and sustainable approaches to life, business and the challenges you face day to day. 

It steps you through: 

  • What you need to consider in the environment around you
  • What are the processes, systems and benchmarks that you need to put in place
  • Which and when strategic thinking activities that need to occur for your desired outcomes 
  • Who needs to be considered and who do you need involved and what will they need.


  • Comprehensive report that provides you with detailed analysis of your thinking across 14 different areas of thinking
  • Identify how you can improve your thinking and approach to problems 
  • Shows you how you currently operate and alternative ways that could improve your desired outcomes. 


  • It clearly enables you to identify exactly where you are today and why you are achieving the results that you
  • Where you need to focus tomorrow to achieve the results that you want
  • Demonstrates the impact of your decisions on your business and the people around you. 
  • Gives you a methodology to improve your thinking across all aspects of your life.

 An individual profiling and 90 minute debrief session is $1097. 


Call 0409 363 152 to get a quote for a team profiling package. 


Understanding energy types & using this to improve your relationships

Behavioural profiling is a tool that helps us to deconstruct your energy type or your core behavioural tendencies and default way of being that is most natural to you. 

E disc (the behavioural profiling tool we use) will identify your natural energy type where you feel most comfortable and utilises the least amount of energy. 

Understanding what your natural 'energy type' will then reveal to us a number of patterns and codes that are consistent to your behavior.  

There are four energy types: 

  • dominant - focuses on the big picture, makes decisions quickly and is focused on what is most efficient and effective
  • influencer - focuses on relationships and how these relate to the big picture are important to them and are usually emotionally intelligent  
  • steadfast - is a more reserved nurturing person and is focused on processes and procedures, while ensuring that everybody is looked after
  • compliant - can be described as detail and fact focused experts in their area and generally are content to be left to their own devices to get the job done well.

These are very distinct ways of behaving.

Understanding how you fit within these categories, as well as the energy types of those that you interact with can unlock a world of understanding and ability to improve your personal interactions and the outcomes immeasurably. 

Consider these benefits: 

  • how easy it would be to negotiate and close the deal if you understood how a person makes decisions eg. a dominant energy type will need the big picture and ultimate benefit spelled out but a compliant energy type will need details and time to consider and mull over the decision first.
  • easily avoid misunderstandings and frustrations by modifying your communications to meet the preferred style of the people you are interacting with. 
  •  encourage and enthuse your staff to outperform and exceed KPI's are you speak to them in their preferred 'language'.  

The list of benefits of being able to accurate read and modify your behavior when you interact with people are endless. 

Critical alignment of your thinking approach

The Meta Dynamics profiling tool is a thinking methodology and profile tool that determines your thinking style. Created Sharon Pearson and The Coaching Institute, it is based on the critical alignment model that requires to you to bring environment, structure, implementation and people together in a cohesive manner for a successful business. 

There are four key elements to success in life and business.

1. Environment

Environment is the big picture and why behind what you are doing. It covers your purpose and values and is often expressed as your mission as a business. 

2. Structure

Structure covers the process and procedures, operating manuals, benchmarks, systems and sequence of events within the organisation that need to happen to make sure your business functions at maximum efficiency. 

3. Implementation

Implementation is where the action happens but it's more than just action. This is where the measurement of your activities will happen and KPI's set. This allows you to determine what great looks like for your organisation. 

4. People

People are those that drive the structure and implementation of your business. Most people think that people should come first because they're the most important - and they are. However, people need a good environment and systems in place in order to successfully implement and grow your business. 

To help explain how these four elements interact together, consider how a house is built. 

Consider the foundations of a house the environment in our critical alignment model. You need a strong environment, otherwise structurally the house will be weak. 

Next you build the floors, wall and roof, which is the structure in our critical alignment model

Then comes the painting, carpet, appliances, lights etc which is the implemention in our critical alignment model and then the last piece is the people who live in the house are able to move. 

Without all of the above in place, you don't know which people you need to fit the house. If you put people in place before the other elements you end up with a business with people with no benchmarks to align their processes and activity to and no purpose. 

Without values in place, you could hire the wrong people. If you don't have systems in place how will you know what skills you need to hire for? If you're not aware of your measurements and what work needs to be done, how can you possibly hire the right behavioural types? 

Thinking your business to success 

The beautiful thing about thinking is that is based on your skills and capability. This means you can focus what skills you need to improve your thinking.  

This model identifies your 'thinking' style and will identify where the gaps are in your approach to your business so that you can strategically align to bring all four key elements into alignment to clear the path to success for your business. 

Critical alignment thinking is an absolute necessity for anybody who is starting their own business or is in a leadership role in any size organisation.

This tool takes the guess work and expensive analysis out of business review. It pin points weakness and strengths in your thinking, which can be mapped directly to your business model and current performance. It also create a great opportunity to build diverse thinking in your team and avoid the trap of 'group think'.