Understanding energy types & using this to improve your relationships

Everyone has a natural state where they exhibit their 'preferred behaviour'. It's how we are when we feel most comfortable and as a result it takes us the least amount of energy to sustain, it's easy ... natural. It's a default way of being that is most natural to you. 

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Understanding what your natural 'energy type' is and the behaviours that you exhibit will help you to have greater awareness of how you interact with others and how you naturally communicate and think, its like being able to read the computer code for how you are.  

There are four energy types: 

  1. Dominant - People who focus on the big picture, makes decisions quickly, they are efficient and effective and very focused on outcomes and winning. They like to be leaders and take charge of situations
  2. Influence - People who focus primarily on relationships and connection with others in everything they do, they like to be the centre of attention, big picture, having fun, they are fast paced and are usually emotionally intelligent  
  3. Steadfast - These people are more reserved, happy to be supporting behind the scenes, they like processes and procedures, details and consistency , relationships with others are important, they like people to get along and are very nurturing
  4. Compliant - These people who focus on detail, ensuring accuracy of information and getting it right. There is no room for error they are usually experts in their area, reserved and like to be left to their own devices to get the job done well.

These are very distinct ways of behaving and each group has a particular way that they communicate to others.

Understanding how you fit within these categories, what the patterns are that are unique within each group, as well as the energy types of those that you interact with can unlock a new world. Once you break the code you are able to understand why people fail to understand what you say, why some people seem to just get you and you them and others are just hard work. It's not a personality clash - Its a different energy type, its like talking a slightly different dialect of the same language, sometimes the words have the same meaning and sometimes they are completely different. 

Consider these benefits: 

  • How easy would it be to negotiate and close the deal if you understood how a person makes decisions? Eg. a dominant energy type will need the big picture strategy and the outcome , they will link the rest providing it meets their criteria whereas a compliant energy type will need all the details, time to analyse the data consider all the possibilities before being in a position to negotiate at all.
  • Easily avoid misunderstandings and frustrations by modifying your communications to meet the preferred style of the people you are interacting with. 
  •  Encourage and motivate your team to outperform and exceed KPI's by talking to them about things that are important to them and in their preferred 'language'.  

If you're interested in understanding what you're natural energy type and how it influences your performance and impact on others contact me to book a behavioural profile for you and or your team.