Lunch & Learn with Justine Robbins

Build Your Business without You in It

How to get yourself off the treadmill, hire the right staff, build the systems and move into the CEO role.


Meet your facilitator


Justine moved into business, leadership, mindset and performance coaching in 2014, after a successful executive career spanning 25 years. Her experience means she understand her clients and business – “I have walked in your shoes and faced similar challenges”.

Justine’s strategic approach coupled with tactical actions assists her clients to achieve their business growth objectives as well as leveraging their team to create a sustainable system, whilst unlocking the handcuffs holding them prisoner to their own business, freeing their time and dependency in the business.

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Start time: 

12:15pm (complete by 2pm)


14 December 2017

238 Clarendon St



WHY Attend Now instead of waiting for 2018?

  • Get in control of Your time and Your teams time
  • Get control Back of Your Business without having to be in every decision
  • Can't figure out How to Hire the right people
  • Grow or scale Your Business and actually don't know how to do it? 

What will change in your business after these 2 Hours? 

  • Kick Start the New Year knowing what to do to finally scale and grow.
  • Get the :Step by Step: system that you can implement and see real change.
  • Get the right Action that you can put in place and finally step away knowing your business can run without you. 
  • There is never a good time, if you keep "being busy", nothing is going to change. 
  • Your people are Your most Expensive cost in the business- and if utilised are your best asset.
  • Create a "top down" team run business, where your people run your business based on Performance and Outcomes

What is the Agenda? 

  • The Key Problems that are Jeopardising your business right now
  • The difference between $500,000 and $5,000,000 Businesses
  • Understand the Right system and the Right People
  • How to run Your business without you (the owner) in it!
  • Case Study Review : Unpack companies like yours and the systems that makes them run 150% smoother than you
  • Question and Answers 

Companies that Justine has worked with.....