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Game on

Do you ever feel like your time is not your own?  Like you work for your team rather than the other way around?  That every decision falls on your shoulders.. That without you, your company would fall apart, that your holding it all together and its exhausting....

Justine realised through her career successes and failures that she had created a 4-step methodology. A methodology that enables you to get back control of your business, your time and creates a sustainable environment where your team work for you increasing your profit and revenue. This unique step by step process is providing outstanding results and success for her clients.

At Evolution Leadership we understand that your mindset drives your thoughts, actions and behaviours, this impacts on every part of your life. There is nothing that you do that doesn't first start with a thought. What is the quality of your thoughts and therefore decisions? Most of us are using strategies and thinking that was created for a very different time and place, and we wonder why its not working today.

To achieve your goals in life and business you need not only best engine (your body/system) the best operation system (your mind/ strategy) and the best fuel (thoughts and passion/people )but you need to have them all working together cohesively.  How do the best keep functioning at the highest level? They continuously challenge their thoughts and they get out of their own way.

We decode your DNA, identify your beliefs that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals, reconnect you with the resources within you, create new strategies and release the highest functioning version of you to the world.

We help you to achieve your goals your way


Working with us 

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disrupting business 

Disrupting Business is for leaders serious about becoming the CEO of their business. Yes lots have the title, but then anyone can appoint themselves as CEO all you need to do is start your own business. Look on LinkedIn everyone is a CEO.  BUT, and its a big but, few business owners have really set themselves up as the CEO instead most are up to their neck in dealing with crises that keep them stuck in management or worse DOING the work.

Being a CEO is building a business that runs without you in it, where your time is your own, where your people are knowledgeable, capable and empowered to  manage your business and you set the direction and monitor the progress through dashboards from anywhere in the world. Being a CEO is about leadership, delegation, empowerment and setting your team up for success. 

The focus is on creating the foundations and the infrastructure (systems, people, processes, strategy) , so often overlooked to ensure that you don't implode on yourself as you grow.  We come into your business and work with you to create the solutions that you need, providing you with the support you need over a 3 month period.

If you want to take the next step in your business increase your revenue, increase profit , reduce the hours you work, have the right people in the right roles so that you can turn your phone off at night and relax with your family then this is for you. 

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Congratulations, your a success!!! You've achieved more than you thought you would more than you dreamt . But its not enough your still searching, there is more to do, more to achieve. You are here for one of two reasons 

  1. You want MORE, to take it to the next level or
  2. You want FULFILLMENT, true fulfillment 

How do you take it to the next level? The difference between excellence and exceptional is 1%. And your searching for exceptional cause excellent just isn't enough. Well the 1% is an inside game its mindset, it's heartfelt and its connecting with your spiritual essence. It's becoming all you are destined to be. 

How do you find fulfillment, true fulfillment that illusive thing that you've been chasing your whole life. The chase that has created the success you've achieved but it still eludes you. 

Evolution Leadership mentoring and coaching is holding a mirror up for you, one you cant hold for yourself. Asking the questions that no one asks, provides feedback that no one gives, stretches you to think in ways you never have and to consider and try on new and different perspectives making you behaviourally, conceptually and situational flexible. 

Your mindset drives your thoughts, actions and behaviours, this impacts on every part of your life. There is nothing that you do that doesn't first start with a thought.

What is the quality of your thoughts and therefore decisions? And what impact positively or negatively are you having on your business. Where you and your business are today is a direct result of the decisions that you make. Want to change the results you need to upgrade your thinking. The same thinking that created the problem will never solve it. 




Every business is different with their own unique challenges.  But one thing that remains constant is the people within them. You need them to achieve your business strategy , you need them to service your customers, you need them to run your business. You need them and they need you.

It seems like such a simple symbiotic relationship. So why do so many business owners find it so challenging? Well here are 3 reasons and they are just the starting point: 

  1. Because people make the mistake of thinking that everyone thinks the same - like they do and here is a newsflash. They don't they think like they do.
  2. People assume that the other person knows what they mean (are thinking) which often isn't what they are saying 
  3. Because they are usually an after thought , there is no infrastructure  for them to succeed, so they are destined to disappoint.

Creating the infrastructure for your people to succeed is pivotal for any sustainable business and if you don't have it, it will bite you. It probably already is. Does your business suffer from any of the following: High turnover, Emotional outbursts or personality clashes, inconsistent results, silo's, lack of adherence to compliance tasks, safety incidents, Missing deadlines, missing results.

These are all symptoms of a lack of infrastructure for your people. Its not difficult to implement and everyone will thank you, your team, your customers, your stakeholders, your managers and even your family. So whats stopping you, you deserve it and so do they.