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Game on

Do you ever feel like your time is not your own?  Like you work for your team rather than the other way around?  That every decision falls on your shoulders.. That without you, your company would fall apart, that your holding it all together and its exhausting....

Justine realised through her career successes and failures that she had created a 4-step methodology. A methodology that enables you to get back control of your business, your time and creates a sustainable environment where your team work for you increasing your profit and revenue. This unique step by step process is providing outstanding results and success for her clients.

At Evolution Leadership we understand that your mindset drives your thoughts, actions and behaviours, this impacts on every part of your life. There is nothing that you do that doesn't first start with a thought. What is the quality of your thoughts and therefore decisions? Most of us are using strategies and thinking that was created for a very different time and place, and we wonder why its not working today.

To achieve your goals in life and business you need not only best engine (your body/system) the best operation system (your mind/ strategy) and the best fuel (thoughts and passion/people )but you need to have them all working together cohesively.  How do the best keep functioning at the highest level? They continuously challenge their thoughts and they get out of their own way.

We decode your DNA, identify your beliefs that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals, reconnect you with the resources within you, create new strategies and release the highest functioning version of you to the world.

We help you to achieve your goals your way


Working with us 

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disrupting business 

This program is for business leaders that want to become the CEO of their business. They want to create a business that runs without them in it, where their time is their own and they can manage their business through dashboards from anywhere in the world. 

The focus is on creating the foundations and the infrastructure (systems, people, processes, strategy) , so often overlooked to ensure that you don't implode on yourself as you grow.  We come into your business and work with you to create the solutions that you need, providing you with the support you need over a 3 month period.

If you want to take the next step in your business increase your revenue, increase profit , reduce the hours you work, have the right people in the right roles so that you can turn your phone off at night and relax with your family then this is for you. 

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executive coaching/ mentoring 

Congratulations, your successful you've worked really hard and achieved a lot. But your here because you want more. How do you take it to the next level? Are you at peek performance? Are your team?  The difference between great and extraordinary is 1%. The 1% is where the joy and reward lies and its where you have to dig deep to achieve, dig deep within this is where the inside game is played. 

Evolution Leadership mentoring and coaching is holding a mirror up for you, one you cant hold for yourself. Asking the questions that no one asks, provides feedback that no one gives, stretches you to think in ways you never have and to consider and try on new and different perspectives making you behaviourally, conceptually and situational flexible. 

Your mindset drives your thoughts, actions and behaviours, this impacts on every part of your life. There is nothing that you do that doesn't first start with a thought.

What is the quality of your thoughts and therefore decisions? And what impact positively or negatively are you having on your business. Where you and your business are today is a direct result of the decisions that you make. Want to change the results you need to upgrade your thinking. The same thinking that created the problem will never solve it. 





Every client and business is different with their own unique challenges.  Facilitating is the art of taking participants on a journey to build their thinking strategies. They build their knowledge through exploring and questioning, hearing different perspectives creating an understanding that can be expanded on and applied regardless of the circumstance.

To learn and grow through exploring rather than telling. To grow the intellectual understanding around the challenges that face your business and unleash the power of collective problem solving.




Change in leadership can see businesses lose momentum, stall and even go backwards as the company learns how to adapt to the new leader. As well as being very stressful for the new incumbent as they learn the rules.  We support new leaders to hit the ground fast enabling them to deliver value in their first 90 days whilst minimising the impact to the team. This program is tailored to the organisation and the incumbents needs and is guaranteed to ease the transition.

If you have a pivotal role within your organisation, don't leave the transtition to chance invest in the individual with a tailored onboarding program. This program sets the leader up for success and provides the one on one support they need to make a difference quickly.